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geðsveiflur dívunnar..

fimmtudagur, maí 26, 2005


koma svörin hennar Stínu! Og nú vantar mig sjálfboðaliða til að grýta spurningum í, helst fimm, vinsamlegast kvitta í kommentin takk ;)
Spurningarnar eru á ensku þannig að svörin eru líka á ensku.. þeir sem vilja þýðingar geta sent mér póst og mun ég þá svara um hæl.. með íslensku svörunum og bankareikningsnúmerinu mínu ;) múhahahahaha

Here goes:

1) If you weren’t a heavenly soprano diva, what would be your profession? Was singing always the only thing you wanted to do?

No- I even went to the University of Iceland to study literature because that was the OTHER thing I really wanted to do. I´ve read books my entire life, when I was a child I would read one a day all summer.. I had even finished most of Laxness novels by the time I was twelve. (Needless to say I never read any good books anymore.. no energy!) At college I took all literature courses they had (and at my college MH they had loads, f.e. Russian, south American etc) and I absolutely loved them.
I only had to be at the UI for a semester when I found out that this was not exactly the same thing and that real literature courses were all about writing books about other people´s books and I very quickly lost interest. Did meet some interesting students (Andri Snær Magnason, Huldar Breiðfjörð f.e.) and some wonderful professors (Guðni Elísson, Árni Bergmann f.e.) there.

2) What is it about music that makes it so essential to our lives?

Music carries on where words finish. Music makes the sad things sadder and the happy things happier. Good music touches our core, makes us feel more alive and is the perfect channel for our emotions.

3)I know you studied in London. Did you always have your heart set on Britain, or did you consider schools elsewhere?

Not only did I have my heart set on Britain, I had decided to go to the Guildhall School of Music and Drama when I was eleven (to study acting actually but nevertheless!) So it was kind of ironic that when we decided to go to England my first choice of college was the Royal Northen College of Music in Manchester since Jón was going there to study. So I go to the auditions and completely screw up the one to RNCM and absolutely ace the GSMD one. (I didn´t even apply to any other ones which was quite risky, but then I have always been very sure of myself ;) )
So in the end I was put on the waiting list in Manchester but welcomed to the Guildhall (which is a college LOT more difficult to get into) so I ended up where I had always wanted to go! One of my best friends had only one thing to say when she heard and that was : be careful what you wish for, it might come true! :D

4) What’s the best thing about having kids?

To suddenly find someone who you absolutely and unconditionally love and absolutely and unconditionally loves you. To suddenly meet the one person you would easily give up your life for in a second (I know most people say that about their partners, especially in the beginning of the relationship but it REALLY is a different thing… sorry). To find out every single day that you are able to love your child even more than the day before.

5) What kind of car is the essential diva car? What make and colour would it be?

Don’t you mean carS? When I am rich and famous I will have a Porce in every colour so that I can acessorise each outfit. Oh, and I wouldn’t say no to a Hummer.

6) Will you be running for mayor in the next twenty years?

Hehe no. But I will sing at their inauguration ceremonies ;)